parkour free running handsSeattle Parkour (SPK) is made up of friends who fell in love with l'art du d├ęplacement (Parkour/FreeRunning, The art of movement.)
Practicing the art of parkour is one of the greatest freedoms. It gives you a chance to escape the city limits, and make your own path. Constantly pushing the boundaries of the human body .

We formed SPK to encourage each others, and promote parkour in the Pacific

Team SPK's 2012-2013 Show Reel




Our View

Many people are continually trying to put a definition to this new and fast evolving phenomenon, which seems to be becoming a nearly impossible feat; mainly because Freerunning (also known as Parkour) was never meant to be defined by one word or action. The "sport" was always supposed to be about the freedom you can achieve through your own individual movement. There is nothing right or wrong about the way your body moves, and that's what sets this creative expression apart from most other athletic activities.
Perhaps this is the reason that such a continually growing portion of the world's youth flocks toward it. Many Freerunners would agree that the reason for this is that as the sport is seen in firsthand and on the internet, Freerunning lets people express their own physical attributes without having to use "perfect" technique. Freerunning exemplifies the individuality that every person holds in every step they take.
The only fall back to this seems to be the attitude that the general population has toward the sport. Due to the lack of conformation to the rules that people expect others have, the masses tend to think that Freerunners are a danger to both themselves and the public. The "rep" of the sport is therefore frowned upon. In reality, the discipline that the mindset Freerunners require to perform such movements outside, actually makes them very intelligent and aware people. They will most likely stay out of your way if you were ever to cross paths with them.
Another might argue that the "abuse" they put of the structures and buildings is something very alike vandalism and shouldn't be allowed. This is very far from the truth. Free-runners respect every single inch of concrete, railing, pole or other obstacle they encounter simply because they know that at any moment it might be the cause of a serious injury.
You can see how all these things play a part to the tale of what Freerunning actually is. It is not anything that can be contained into one word or a single definition. Freerunning can only be understood through actual movement. The interesting thing is that no two people will give the same answer to the question of meaning they get from the sport, mostly because no to people are the same, therefore the feeling achieved by one can never be duplicated by another. This of course, shows the very essence of what Parkour and Freerunning is and has always been.

Written by,

------------ Tori Smieja


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