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Perormance Ideas


This video was a performance we put together and filmed in 3 hours at the gym. We just wanted to see what we could come up with! 
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More Family and Friends



Two years worth of footage. A video about the good times spent with Family and Friends! 

The people in this video:
.Luke Fredericksen
.Tori Smieja
.Tj Burleson
.Gabe Culkin
.Ken Seacrist
.Cara Seacrist
.David Diaz
.Sydney Olson
.Alexandr Borblikov
.Jesse Fenton
.Yoann Zephyr Leroux




Our View


The Sequel to Chaseur Et Evadeur! 
Filmed in Downtown Seattle, WA! 





"Pandora Parkour, chasing the sunset" was inspired by the movie "Avatar" and is a tribute to our own planet. We wanted to film this in the most Pandora like forest we could. so we took a trip to the California red wood forests. What better way to capture this beauty then to run, jump, and flip around in this amazing place! We hope you enjoy watching this video as much as we did making it! Any and all comment, ratings, and subscriptions are greatly appreciated! THANKS FOR WATCHING!

P.S. We spiced up the ending shot just for fun!




Friends and fun!


Feb 13th 2011, SPK and friends set out to Seattle on a beautiful winter day, and filmed a fun time with friends! Went Rock climbing, training, and played around on the ferry! 
Luke Fredericksen is out on injury... So he decided to come along this day and film us having a blast!!
We hope you enjoy!!

This video is just something to tie you over untilll the sequel for "Chaseur Et Evadeur!!" It will be released before the end of March 2011!!
Thank you! 








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